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Custom software and analytics solutions for sports organizations to boost athletic performance and create engaging fan experiences

Sports Segments We Serve

  • Digital fan and sponsor engagement
  • AI-powered analytical tools and data solutions
  • Integration of digital tools for real-time access to live games
  • Enhance visibility of players and sports associations
  • Expand social footprints with engaging sports content
  • AR and VR to augment in-stadia experience
  • Simulate experiences on mobile devices
  • Statistical analysis, video analytics and predictive insights
  • Fan voice and social sentiment analysis
  • Manage dynamic sports data across various touchpoints
  • Wearable tech and trackers for athletes and coaches
  • Membership and event management systems

Delivering Competitive Advantage in Sports With Technology
Technology is drawing fans closer to their favorite sports and games through innovative and customized experiences. It’s time for sports organizations to capitalize on the newer opportunities created by advanced technologies by broadening their content reach across multiple devices through new distribution platforms. Sports organizations need to offer exciting and personalized viewing experience to fans, engage sponsors with crucial insights, deliver messages at the right moment with greater effectiveness, and unlock new revenue streams.

As your technology and innovation partner, Fingent offers the right skills and expertise to drive your success. We offer a wide array of custom software solutions for sports organizations which help them manage their basic to the most complex business challenges. Some of our solutions include membership management, loyalty management, sale of tickets and sports merchandise, sponsor management, immersive content experiences with AR and VR, identifying real-time marketing opportunities through analytics, enhancing training methods through immersive technologies, and wearable tech.

Challenges Affecting the Sports Sector
Gaining a Competitive Edge
Professional athletes can be affected by several different factors, such as a complex travel schedule, work and home stress, and body recovery time — all of which impact overall athletic performance.

Growing Demand for Cognitive Computing
Wearable tech is seeing increased demand. In the sports world, collecting physiological and biological data from athlete’s wearables can provide a glimpse into the factors that affect their performance.

Implementing Personalized Training
Every athlete is different and requires a personalized approach to reaching their greatest potential. The demand for personalized, specific training can be met through technology.

Providing Information for Fans
Fans demand timely, accessible content, and with so many possible news outlets and data sources, it can be difficult to determine the best option

How We Help Our Customers
Use Innovative Tech for a Home-Field Advantage
We help athletes reach new heights through cognitive computing, taking advantage of self-learning algorithms, data mining, natural language processing, and pattern recognition for key insights that can deliver higher performance.

Cognitive Computing for Specialized Training
Through cognitive computing, we help athletes draw up customized training programs and scheduling, in a highly personalized effort to meet each athlete’s needs. By using apps with cognitive computing, taking into account personal factors, we enable athletes to decide the duration and intensity of training, and draw up a specialized schedule.

Integrated Digital Solutions
We use technology to gather important biomarker data, preventing injuries and foreseeing future athletic capabilities. With this information, athletes can respond to stressors in real-time.

Delivering Stories for Fans
We help organizations leverage AI platforms to determine the highlights of sports games and distribute them to fans in real time. We also help them utilize language platforms to translate data into stories.

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