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We empower realtors with advanced PropTech solutions to streamline and simplify real estate management

Real Estate Segments We Serve

  • Single-family residential
  • Multi-family residential
  • Condos and associations
  • Assisted living residential
  • Commercial real estate management
  • Construction and development
  • Property management
  • Property maintenance and inspection
  • Property acquisition
  • Property investment
  • Foreclosure management
  • Rental and leasing management
  • Payment solutions
  • Facility management
  • Marketing automation
  • Accounting and finance management
  • Back office process management
  • Custom reporting tools and analytics

Challenges Affecting the Real Estate Sector
Complex Workflows
A real estate business involves numerous complex activities like property maintenance & renovation, property acquisition, tenant management, rent collection and more. Streamlining and efficiently managing such outstretched workflows remain a challenge within the industry.

Shortfalls in Communication & Collaboration
With multiple parties involved in every single consignment, effective communication and collaboration become an imperative and eminent portion of the work process. Shortfalls might lead to major losses for real estate firms.

Growing Competition
Rapid changes in the market and the growing popularity of online listing portals are crafting increased competition for real estate firms. In such scenarios, it is imperative for realtors to implement sustainable marketing techniques.

Adapting to Evolving Tech Trends
Be it algorithm updates, SEO practices, marketing automation or smart home technologies, digital innovation is playing a vital role among the millennial buyers. Property managers and agents of today are bound to adapt to these evolving tech trends.

How We Help Our Customers
Process Automation
Our real estate industry and technology stalwarts deliver flexible solutions that automate and simplify workflows across numerous real estate functions. This includes software solutions for property management, property maintenance, property investment, foreclosure management, rent management, and facility management among many others. Explore

Marketing Automation
We enable our customers to remain upfront in the market by offering cutting-edge solutions with MLS (Multiple Listing Service) integrations, lead syndications, marketing automation features, and online portals for property viewing, application submission, and resident screening.

All-In-One Property Management Solutions
Fingent’s innovative solution approach integrates multiple technologies to a single platform to facilitate enhanced communication and collaboration. The all-in-one functionality makes it the industry’s leading property management solution, trusted by leading real estate professionals.

Customized Web and Mobile Apps
Comprehending the pain points of the industry., we develop customized proptech software solutions that are scalable, futuristic, and flexible to the ever-changing technology trends.

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