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We enable a connected healthcare ecosystem by developing advanced, end-to-end digital solutions.

Healthcare Segments We Serve

  • Electronic health records (EHR)
  • Electronic medical records (EMR)
  • Health information exchanges (HIE)
  • Custom web, cloud, and mobile applications
  • Healthcare analytics solutions
  • Real-time monitoring solutions
  • Hospital information dashboards
  • Appointment management system
  • Healthcare regulatory compliance solutions
  • Invoice management systems
  • Claims processing platforms
  • Patient information systems
  • Connected healthcare solutions with IoT
  • Healthcare application platforms

Challenges Affecting the Healthcare Sector
Connecting Disparate Legacy Healthcare Systems
The healthcare industry has evolved, with consumers demanding greater convenience and transparency. Providers also seek improved interoperability and better tools to make the most out of healthcare data and deliver effective, efficient care.

Lack of Coordination and Communication
Effective healthcare services demand increased communication transperancy. Inability in maintaining streamlined coordination and communication channels can disrupt the functioning of the entire organization.

Health Illiteracy
Lack of basic healthcare knowledge is one of the biggest challenges faced in healthcare sectors. Cost incurred due to low health literacy in patients, caregivers, and family members is estimated to be $612 billion per year. Such ignorance obstructs quick and timely decision making and generates huge loss.

Funding and Cash Flow for Nonprofits
Nonprofit health organizations often face challenges in managing cash flow and funding. Providing cashless treatment and coordinating with a network of other organizations and hospitals requires a smooth and efficient management system.

How We Help Our Customers
Custom Healthcare Information System
We help incorporate custom software solutions to meet the needs of healthcare consumers. We offer effective healthcare apps to streamline communication between patients and healthcare providers, including analytical dashboards powered by machine learning to improve clinical transparency, financial transparency, and better decision-making.

Improvement in Health Literacy
With online platforms and custom application development, we help empower individuals with the health literacy they need to enable streamlined workflows and enhanced patient-caregiver interactions.

Custom Software Solutions
We provide customized apps to help patients access more control on healthcare with easy appointment scheduling systems and enquiry ability. At the same time we also ensure physicians are better able to diagnose and monitor their patients. Our custom software development enables both doctors and patients to empower technology for enhanced healthcare.

Seamless Management
We provide integrated platforms to improve medical care offered by nonprofits, by automating and systemizing their cash flow management. Automating approval requests, managing and monitoring funds, and streamlining these fund requests, are just a few of the benefits our customized platforms offer.

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