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We deliver FinTech innovations that drive smarter financial management to support our customer needs

Financial Segments We Serve

  • Investment banking
  • Mobile and internet banking apps
  • Cash management solutions
  • Real-time online auctions
  • Quote management system
  • Mortgage and loans
  • Asset and wealth management
  • Reward & loyalty management systems
  • Finance application platforms
  • Digital finance and accounting
  • Accounting software with third-party integration
  • Mobile payment processing
  • Cards and payments
  • Investment management & brokerage
  • Blockchain and identity management
  • Capital management solutions

Challenges Affecting the Financial Services Sector
Growing Complexity of Regulations
Since the 2008 financial depression, there has been an increase in regulatory fees related to earnings and credit losses. Banks, insurance, and other financial companies need to comply with various regulations and policies that often strain resources and make data management a challenging task.

Keeping up with Technology and Market
Banks and other financial institutions need to embrace the fast-paced digital transformation to avoid the threat of becoming obsolete. They need to renew existing systems, develop new platforms to foster innovation, and adopt new technologies to keep up with an increasingly dynamic market.

Rising Expectations and Customer Retention
Today’s smarter and savvier customers expect more personalized and convenient banking experiences. They demand more meaningful interactions and tangible results through simple and intuitive interfaces on any device, anywhere, and at any time.

Security Breaches, Fraud, and Identity Theft
High-profile security breaches, financial frauds, and identity thefts have been looming over the past few years. It’s crucial for financial institutions to invest in technology-driven measures that facilitate stringent authentication, encryption, and verification of payments, transactions, and execution of contracts.

How We Help Our Customers
Enabling Efficiency with the Right Financial Technology
We help financial institutions leverage advanced technologies like Blockchain, AI, Robotics and Analytics to improve their services with the changing customer needs, unprecedented regulations, and global competition. Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent automation and advanced data analytics, we enable you to drive insightful financial forecasting and budgeting for better decision making.

Leverage Technology to Offer Personalized Experiences
We help you deliver personalized customer experiences by creating customized mobile apps, CRM software, and AI-powered chatbots that assist financial managers and enterprises, banks, and insurance companies to enhance operational efficiencies.
Addressing Regulatory and Compliance Needs

We offer comprehensive solutions in financial and operational risk management, regulatory reporting, compliance management, and financial fraud management. We build scalable platforms that help you gain an enterprise view of your risk exposure and regulatory compliance status. Our consultants can assist you in creating an effective strategy for managing your data and infrastructure, solution platforms, processes, and policies.

Improved Procedures and Secured Payment Processing
Our team helps you implement blockchain-powered smart contracts that ensure the security and credibility of your financial transactions. By designing simple, fast and secure payment options, we help you offer an omni-commerce experience to your customers across all channels of payment including cards, cash, or digital.

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